I did a leadership training with the team at Graystone Media. They are an incredible group. It was a fun and interactive training. I presented “The Leadership Wheel” in which I covered 10 leadership qualities that were applicable to their team and growth. They were:

  1. Accountability
    Rising above the circumstances and taking ownership to achieve the desired results.
  2. Growth
    Knowing what areas you need to develop in and always striving for improvement.
  3. Professionalism
    The level of excellence that we must uphold at all times.
  4. Integrity
    Doing the right thing no matter what. Even when it’s not the easy way.
  5. Communication
    Conveying information clearly and effectively.
  6. Focus
    Practicing self-discipline in attending to a task.
  7. Confidence
    Being comfortable and sure in your knowledge and skills.
  8. Initiative
    Self-motivation to do what needs to be done.
  9. Engagement
    Being fully committed to the client, team and project.
  10. Knowledge
    Striving to learn, expand and to turn information into insight.

The homework for the team was to create a 3-4 minute presentation and choose 3 qualities from The Leadership Wheel and…

–Describe the quality and what it means as a leader
–Describe what it means in their work
–Describe how the company demonstrates this

We will be meeting again in March and I get to hear everyone’s presentation and we’ll also cover the first leadership quality, “Accountability”.