I visited another Toastmasters club again this week. It’s actually been a great experience to get out and visit clubs that I didn’t get a chance to get to when I was District Governor last year.

Clackamas Stepping Stones is a club that’s over 20 years old. It’s fantastic with lots of wonderful members. Including that of Past International President of Toastmasters, Gary Schmidt. The club meets every Thursday evening.

I was the Model Speaker in their International Speech and Evaluation Contest. I gave a speech called, “Do the Right Thing”. It’s a funny (and true) story about my escapades on Valentines Day this year. I had a lot of room to animate every single detail of what happened that night, and it was a hit. I was actually taping my speech from one of the tables, and the two people who were sitting next to the camera were laughing so hard throughout the speech that I wasn’t able to clearly hear my audio.

I also have to say that the contestants in the contest gave me some great feedback that I’m going to incorporate in the next time I give this speech. It was a great experience and a fun night. I’ll likely be back again to visit that club.