What a fun group to visit! The only problem I see with this club is they meet at 6:30am. And I forgot to ask them why their club name was Jantzen when they weren’t located in Jantzen Beach. I figure that maybe they started there and then moved.

I gave the leadership speech, “Don’t Be a Goldfish” again. It was my second time. I think I delivered more depth and detail to the analogies this time. The club seemed to have enjoyed it quite a bit.

I personally enjoyed a few things that I heard during the hour and a half I was there. Here are a few:

1) During something that they called the “Educational Moment”, which is a 2-3 minute mini-presentation by a member educating the rest of the group about something in particular, the lady delivering it said she went on a Kristy-cation” in which she vacationed by herself. I liked that.

2) The word of the day was “Prattle” which is defined as meaningless sounds. It’s a great word for a Toastmasters meeting which can have lots of prattle if the participants aren’t careful.

3) During one of the speeches, I learned you can sleep with sharks at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. How cool is that? www.aquarium.org/education/sleep-with-the-sharks