Feedbackers is an advanced Toastmasters club that meets monthly.

What a great concept for a club. When you speak you get three verbal evaluations. One person gives you feedback on your overall speech structure, and how well you stuck to the objectives of the speech. The other two give you input on specific criteria, like your vocal variety, body language or anything else you’d like special attention on.

I’ve been trying to speak at Feedbackers for a few months now, but since they meet on the same night that I play indoor soccer, it was a tough juggle. In fact, I had a game the night I spoke there so I had to give me speech, get my three evaluations and excuse myself early to make it on time And that was the easy part. It was much harder to change into my soccer clothes all while speeding on the freeway!

Because the focus of this club is to provide advanced speakers with very detailed and specific feedback so they can improve, I was given a lot of great input on how I could improve my speech both content wise and delivery. I would definitely recommend this club to any speakers who would like to really improve their skills. The insight I received was fantastic.

And, in case you’re wondering, I did make it to the soccer game on time, in one piece, and we won too. It was a pretty good night.