I sat on a panel with 4 other business owners/professional speakers and we each talked on our topics of expertise. The topics ranged fro m networking, marketing, branding, speaking, business building, and promotion techniques.

The other “pros” on the panel where Jerry Fletcher, Sean Harry, Karen Landey and Joanne McCall.

I spoke about marketing strategy and touched a little bit on how to use non-traditional marketing strategies to be “sticky”. It was a fun night because after everyone on the panel each gave a speech, we sat at our own table and then we went into 20 minute segments where people came to your table, you gave them your handouts (mine were some very pointed questions about marketing strategy and also a format for starting a strategy) and they got to ask you anything they wanted to for that time before it switched to the next group.

It was a great turnout, and I had lots of fun meeting a lot of new people. The only thing was, after speaking non-stop for over 3 hours, my voice was starting to get weary.