You can probably tell that it’s contest season in Toastmasters. This is the 4th contest I’ve spoken at in the last few weeks. This time it was at an “area” contest. In Toastmasters, there are clubs, and then there are areas that have 4-5 clubs in them and then divisions that have 4-5 areas in them, and then of course districts. Our district has 9 divisions.

I was the Model Speaker for the evaluation contest. The way it works is this: I give a speech, all the contestants then go into a room and have 5 minutes to tidy up any notes they took during my speech and construct a format to deliver an evaluation. The contestants are brought back into the main room, one by one, each one not able to hear anyone’s’ evaluation until theirs is given.

Since I was giving this speech to two areas, I was evaluated by 5 people (3 from one area and 2 from another). I once again gave the speech, “Do the Right Thing”. It’s been refined down to some new details now, and they went over well tonight.

If I can continue to improve this speech, I may use it in the fall to compete in the Humorous Speech Contest. We’ll see how that goes. For now, I’m celebrating my 12th week straight in my 52 Week Speaking Challenge. Only 40 to go.