I got another chance to speak at a contest. This time it was at the famous Timber Talkers Toastmasters club. They are a very well-known and strong club in the area.

They were also having their International Speech and Evaluation contest. I was once again the Model Speaker. I have been using this as an opportunity to get out there and speak as well as visit as many clubs as I can this year. I’ve been very impressed with all the groups I’ve visited, and this was no exception. The room was full and everyone there was fantastic. I had a chance to stay after the meeting and mingle with a few of the members and I have to say, some of them are involved in some pretty cool things.

The speech was once again, “Do the Right Thing”, the story of my escapades on Valentines night this year. It’s great to see a speech grow and get better as I give it multiple times and get feedback. Today, the feedback dead on. I got two tips that I’m going to specifically work into the next revision.

If you’re in the Beaverton area and are looking for a good noon-time Toastmasters club, you should definitely check out Timber Talkers. As for me, I’ve completed 11 weeks in the 52 Week Speaking Challenge and only have 41 to go!