The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing Workshop

9 1/2 Ways to Get People to Love You

It’s the strategy behind all creative marketing. PURA Marketing hosts workshops on The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing™. These are the rules that teach you the strategy of what makes your marketing creative and effective. Knowing the strategies will make all the difference in whether your marketing tactics are successful. Find out which rules you are already obeying, and which ones you’re breaking―to your peril.

Here are three of the Rules you’ll learn about:

Rule #2: Perception is Reality

Don’t confuse people with the facts. They know what they know. You need to understand how to change what they think they know about your company, products or services.

Rule #7: Emotions Rule the World

Once you realize that all decisions are made on an emotional level, you’ll begin to learn how to appeal to the right emotions to get people to love you.

Rule #9: Everything is Marketing

Every single impression you or your company make on the world is marketing. It’s not just your ads. The more you realize that everything you do is marketing, the better you can control what people actually think of you.

About the Workshop

The full-day workshop is led by Cathey Armillas, longtime veteran of marketing for everything from small businesses to multinational corporations. She has been successfully applying the Unbreakable Rules for decades.

– You and your team will learn each of the 9 1/2 Rules, how they work, and how they apply to your company.

– You’ll do practical exercises with the Rules as they work your own, current marketing efforts.

– Your team will have a much better grasp of how to do your own marketing, and how to more effectively implement marketing tactics.

– The workshop is conducted at your own business to make the workshop more convenient for you.

If you want to market your company successfully, you first need to know and follow these Unbreakable Rules. To book PURA to host a workshop at your company or organization, email us.

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