Tag: Motivational Speaking

Daylighters Toastmasters Club in Beaverton, Oregon was having an open house and wanted to have an outside speaker come and deliver a solo speech for their event. I gave a speech called “Give It Your All!”. It’s about how you should give it your all in everything you do in your life, or you shouldn’t […]

Twice a year,  Toastmasters holds a district-wide training for all the executive club officers called TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute). The goal is to train, inspire and motivate the officers so they can in turn go back and use the knowledge and information to run successful clubs. They tried out a new format this time. It […]

I sat on a panel with 4 other business owners/professional speakers and we each talked on our topics of expertise. The topics ranged fro m networking, marketing, branding, speaking, business building, and promotion techniques. The other “pros” on the panel where Jerry Fletcher, Sean Harry, Karen Landey and Joanne McCall. I spoke about marketing strategy and […]

This was a great place to give my first speech of the year. Future Stars is a youth communication and leadership club I founded 4 years ago for middle and high school aged kids. It’s ran like an adult Toastmaster club with prepared speeches, impromptu speeches, evaluations and leadership roles. We were having our first […]

I started a 52 week speaking challenge for 2012 because I want to accomplish a few things. First, I want to become the best speaker I can. I’ve been speaking for over 8 years now but there’s always a new word or technique I learn every day and as a professional speaker, I want to […]