Staff Scope™

Are You Looking to Hire a Marketing Professional?

You don’t want to risk thousands of dollars and time wasted on not hiring the right person for the job, do you?

PURA Marketing offers an invaluable service we call a Staff Scope™. With our decades of marketing experience on both the ad agency and client side, we have a good feel for the qualifications of various marketing professionals. We can help you define the precise job requirements before you
start a cattle call. We’ll help you vet the applicants. We’ll even sit in on interviews with you to give you a professional perspective on your candidates.

The process of a Staff Scope™ has three sequential components, each one following a tried and tested procedure.

  • Phase 1. Marketing Scrub: A quick review and assessment of your marketing to see where it stands.
  • Phase 2. Job Criteria: The recommendation for the right position and the criteria to fill that position.
  • Phase 3. Applicant Review: We’ll help you vet applicants to find the right one that will fit the personality, culture and marketing needs of your company.

Your company’s marketing is one of the most critical success factors. The Staff Scope™ is crucial during times of bringing on new staff. It’s not something to be taken lightly. You need a quick snapshot of your marketing and what you’ll need to move forward and take your marketing to the next level.

If you are looking to hire a marketing person, a Staff Scope may be in order. Contact us and we’ll figure out if it is.