Case Study: SSI Shredding Systems

SSI is an industrial shredder manufacturer that builds custom shredders for a wide variety of industries including recycling, waste management and a long list of specific industries that need bulk reduction.

The Problem
SSI had been a manufacturing company that was around for over 20 years and had been riding at the same level for years. There was really no distinction between them and their competitors. There was nothing sexy about industrial shredding.

The Creative Solution
Well, actually there was something sexy about industrial shredders. Or, at least fun. And engaging. And hypnotic…

We created a video series called “Watch it Shred” in which we shredded all kinds of cool things like a VW Bug, soccer balls, mattresses, computers, even a torpedo once.

This video series was discovered by a blogger, and then BOOM! it exploded into viralocity. It then found its way on to the national TV circuit. And with that came millions more in revenue and it securely placed SSI into the pole position for industrial shredders.