The PURA effect

When an emotional bond is created between people, we call it “The PURA effect”. PURA is short for a marketing technique called Promotions Using Reciprocal Affinity. In other words, getting brands and customers to like each other.

It is a well-known fact that nobody likes to be sold to by strangers. We don’t like marketing. We don’t like feeling exploited or put in an awkward position. We don’t like feeling like a “target market,” or more bluntly, a “mark.” Advertising that comes on strong, that is so desperate to make the sale, puts everyone off. You may get a marginal reaction, but for the most part it’s doing it the hard way and for the smallest return. The sales may be immediate, but they’re tiny. And it takes so much work to get them.

But a company that first takes the time to form an emotional bond with people, something remarkable happens; business. A lot of business. For a long time.

Customers who are emotionally loyal to a brand are loyal for life. With some it almost has a religious connotation. If you don’t believe that, just try selling a Mac owner a PC.

This is the PURA effect. And this is what we strive to create.