Marketing Scrub™

How’s Your Marketing Hygiene?

Are you sure you’re doing everything you can to market your company and products? If not, your marketing won’t be heard in this noisy world.

A Marketing Scrub™ gives you a quick, thumbnail view of the status of your current marketing programs. Our team of marketing and brand experts will conduct a scrub session to review your company’s goals, its brand message, your competitive environment, and your ongoing marketing.

Then we’ll come back to you with a concise report; including what we think is working, what recommendations we’d make to improve your marketing, and what you could start doing right now.

Think of the Marketing Scrub™ as brand hygiene; like a checkup at the dentist. Except it’s a lot less painful than a root canal.

If you’d like to know more about what a Marketing Scrub can do for your organization, contact us and we’ll tell you more than you need to know.