How to Rock a TED Talk: Audio Program

Get the “How to Rock a TED Talk” program. The insider’s guide to get, prepare and deliver a TED Talk.

Do you want to know how to get invited to give a TED Talk?

Have you been thinking about giving a TED Talk but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re not sure how to get invited, let alone how to prepare and deliver the talk.

If you want to get invited to give a TED Talk, it’s critical to understand the format and why TED Talks are different than any other type of presentations.

In the “How to Rock a TED Talk” program you will find out what you need to know in order to get selected, and even which TED events are the best.  You’ll have a strategic advantage and the edge you need to land your TED Talk. Getting selected is only half the battle, once you land the TED Talk, you’ll have the tools, resources and instruction you need to prepare a stellar talk and be able to deliver it well.

Know what they’re looking for… If you are already a speaker; professional or not, it’s not enough. You have to know the difference between a professional speech and a TED Talk. TED’s format is all about having one idea. An idea that is worth spreading.

Why the “How to Rock a TED Talk” program?

You’ll learn all you need to know to get, prepare and deliver a TED Talk. Find out:

How to get a TED Talk

What are organizers looking for? What will turn them off instantly? How do I reach them? Find out.

How to prepare a TED Talk

How far in advance do I need to start working on it? How do I get my idea across in 18 minutes? What are the essential elements of a powerful TED Talk? Find out.

How to deliver a TED Talk

What should I expect? How can I have confidence delivering my talk? How can I make my TED Talk stand out? Find out.

Find out, because the moment before you step onto the TED stage you’ll be thanking yourself for going through this program…because your TED Talk will be on the Internet forever.

A coach in a box…

If you’re serious about getting selected to give a TED Talk, and being able to prepare it in the TED format, you’re going to need a coach. Cathey Armillas, the creator of the “How to Rock a TED Talk” program is a TEDx organizer and speaking coach. She helps choose the speakers for one of the largest TEDx events in the world (TEDxPortland). She will coach you on how to put your best foot forward to get selected to give a TED Talk, and then she’ll coach you on how to prepare for your TED Talk. It’s not something you want to do alone.

The “How to Rock a TED Talk” is an audio program with an interactive guide that includes tools on how to get a TED Talk, the coaching tools that she uses for her speakers and a list of things that you NEED to do before you give a TED Talk.

About Cathey Armillas

Cathey Armillas is an organizer for TEDxPortland (one of the largest and longest-standing TEDx events in the world).

She has given a TEDx Talk herself and is a professional speaker. She’s also a TEDx coach; helping celebrities, veterans, industry experts and people with good ideas deliver the best presentations of their lives.

She knows all three parts of TED…getting, preparing and delivering the talk.

What people are saying about the “How to Rock a TED Talk” program…

“Cathey’s “How to Rock a TED Talk” is soooo cool…in presenting her TED Talk Essentials Elements and how to get a TED Talk. WOW! Cathey, you rock! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and skills…I now know what I need to do to get and prepare for a TED Talk.” -Dr. Hollis Batista

“Cathey Armillas’ invaluable program on “How to Rock a TED Talk” describes the Essential Elements comprising how to get a TED talk, parts to preparation, the storytelling model, the differences between a professional speech and a TED Talk, etc…Cathey implements all the elements she coaches into her program to make it easier for someone to know what it takes to get and ROCK a TED Talk.” -Long Trinh

“Cathey’s program on How to ROCK a TED Talk was fun and very informative. She covered everything, from how to prepare for your talk, how to structure your talk, how to get chosen, and how to deliver. Before her program, I was unsure if I wanted to give a TED Talk one day, and I didn’t think I had an idea worth sharing. By the time I was done, I had the confidence that I could develop my idea, but also get chosen and deliver it with confidence. I have already started on my path to becoming a TEDx speaker, thanks to Cathey and her amazing program.” -Vanessa Matthews

Typical 3 hour private coaching session can cost you:            $1,500

Get this entire program with the tools and resources for:      $ 297

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