I read from the book, “The Centered Life” written by my amazing friend Esther Jones.

It’s a book about how to seek out and find a spiritual life coach that will help you transform your life.

I read the first chapter so far and she talked about how with any relationship with a coach you have to have 3 things:

Freedom of Expression

And then she had “Estherisms” throughout the book. I really liked this one:

It’s Never a Done Deal
Just when you think you have arrived or have completed the lesson, you may have just begun a new journey. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are here to remember who we are in each of the experiences we have created and called forth by our higher selves to assist us. We draw people, situations and places into our immediate consciousness to help us to continue our growth toward remembering. When you stop learning, experiencing and growing you become stagnant and die. Think about it; A pond must have an inlet and outlet or the water just sits there and begins to smell as it stagnates.