I read from the book, “Mindfulness on the Go”. My friend Ben gave me the book and apparently the author lives in the Portland area puts on meditation retreats.

I love the format of this book…there are small chapters that give little mini-lessons. It’s starts with an exercise and then goes into how you can implement that practice and then has a section on “deeper thoughts” on the topic and then final words. It’s really simple and powerful.

The one I read tonight was on “entering new spaces”.

She talks about being mindful when you walk through doors and that every space that you enter is a new space. She wants you to take a second or two to prepare your mind for what you’re about to walk into. Just the act of being aware and conscious of your new space will help you to deal with whatever it is you have to deal with. I love that. I think the more that we can be aware in all areas of our lives, the better.