Today I read one of those small, quick reads that have inspirational messages in them. 

It’s called “How to Be Interesting in 10 Simple Steps. Here are the 10 steps:

1) Go explore.
2) Share what you discover.
3) Do something. Anything.
4) Embrace your weirdness.
5) Have a cause.
6) Minimize the swagger.
7) Give it a shot.
8 ) Hop off the bandwagon.
9) Grow a pair.
10) Ignore the scolds.
It’s a fun read. Here was one of my favorite things that I read. It was in the “Embrace your weirdness” section:

Keep moving.

Every day, make another move toward what makes you happy. Take another step toward adventure. Let another piece of your special sort of weirdness out.

Before you know it, you’ll be in a very different place. A far more interesting place. 

I seriously  this.