Once of the things I decided to do was to read a different book every day. I wanted to re-read some books that I had read before and start new ones that I wanted to start. My night stand had over 40 books stacked up when I started a month ago.

Today to close out the challenge, I decided to read from my own book. This isn’t a shameless plug of any kind. It’s really just me not having read my own book in years and deciding it was time to read it again! It’s also a great time to bring up and remember how much fun I had writing this book with my friend Jeffery Berry. We really had a great experience writing this book together. We always joked and said that we violently agreed on all things marketing. 

I read chapter 7, “Emotions Rule the World” and here are some of the things I’ve that stood out to me:

-Emotions are right under the surface of every rational decision

-When you put someone into an emotional state, they are more open to suggestion.

-The Illusion of Data is when you use data only to fulfill the need tsomeone has to validate the emotional decision they made.

-We make emotional decisions in a fraction of the time it takes to work out the supporting reasons. Then we’ll cherry pick the data that supports our emotional decision.

-Facts and figures will never motive people in the same way emotions do.

It’s been a fun 30 days, and while I hope to continue reading every day, I’m on to my next challenge.