Today I read from Benjamin Mathes, a super talented friend of mine, book “You, The Career” 

Although his book is angled towards actors and those in show business, it’s a phenomenal book about having the right priorities in life.

Here’s a small section from his book:

How to Know You’re Too Busy

Do you turn down a lot of invitations?
“Hey! Wanna go watch a play?”
“Can’t. I’m busy. Again.”
Like you don’t have enough time to enjoy life.
Have you bragged about being busy?
“How’ve you been lately?”
“So busy. Man. I’m so busy. It’s great.”
Like it’s the goal of life or something.
Do people predict your busyness? 
“I know you’re busy. Just wanted to ask.”
Like busy has become your reputation.
If so, you need to check yourself. 

Ha! Ben so beautifully explained a trap that a lot of us fall into…the busy trap. Someone told me a few years ago to not use the “B” word anymore because it’s offensive and I couldn’t agree more.