Still in New York with my sister Karin, this time Crystal joined us. We went back to the main City of New York Library, grabbed a bunch of books and a table and read for a few hours.

I read from the book (actually I read the their book), “101 Things I Learned in Advertising School”

If you read the book, it’s almost like getting a degree in advertising, just from a drive-through car wash. All the info was right and was good. I knew most of it but loved the refresher course!

Karin and I decided that we were going to pick our top 5 lessons from the book and post them. Here are mine:

1) Art is the idea, not the image.
2) Demonstrate the context.
3) Find your core audience.
4) Find people who are gaga.
5) A priority does not include “and”.

And as a bonus…

The more expensive the product, the more emotional the appeal that must be made.