I read from “Hard-Won Wisdom: True Stories from the Management Trenches”. It’s written by my friend Jathan Janove, whom I met in my mastermind group and has now become my relationship coach. He uses a lot of the principles in this book and other tools to coach me.

One of those tools would be this: don’t leave people wondering. Or as he put it in his “Moral of the Story” section:

When employees don’t know, they speculate. And for employers, their speculation is always worse than reality. I call this Law of the Employee. Speculation, arises whenever management fails to share information that employees consider important. They fill in the blank with speculation.

And as he puts it, speculation is never on the right side.

I also love the way this book is FILLED with CRAZY, real-life stories that teach great lessons. I was reading the book while I was on the plane to New York today and the lady sitting next to me had literally just told me a similar story of what happened to her being sexually discriminated against while she was working at a large firm a while back.

Even though Jathan’s book is geared towards employee law. It’s really just life lessons for all of us.

It’s such a great read…and Jathan is a GREAT coach!