Once again this is book from a friend. Eldridge J Broussard III wrote an AMAZING book called “The Challenge to Change”. He gave me the youth edition because it’s a workbook. It has a powerful quote for each week and then daily exercises that are related to the quote in a section he calls “Making It Work For You”.

I read all 52 weeks of quotes and decided to highlight this one because it’s very relevant and it reminds me to be aware of being live and in-person with people around me in real-time.

Week 40:

“You can’t upload love, you can’t download time, you can’t Google all of life’s answers. You must actually live some of your life.”

Monday: How has technology negatively affected your relationships?

Tuesday: What benefits can you get from building in-person relationships that you can’t get from cyber relationships?

Wednesday: How is the image you portray to the world different from your true identity?

Thursday: What electronics do you want to put down completely? Which ones do you want to put down more frequently? What relationships and hobbies do you want to pick up?

Friday: What boundaries will you set to keep you connected and engaged in your life?


I love the questions he asks. Just having to think about them and come up with an answer has made me more aware of how I spend my time.