Today I read from a book that my sister Karin got me, “I Can’t Make This Up” by Kevin Hart.

I was reading from the chapter “Life Lessons From the Grind”. And no one grinds more than Kevin Hart.

He was talking about one of his first “big breaks” where he took over a club call Sweet Cheeks (hahaha) to host for $175/week. Financially at the time, it was HUGE. Comedians just don’t get a lot of money when they are starting out and so to stay in the game you have to be DETERMINED AF. He told the story of his first night hosting on stage and someone threw a chicken wing and it hit him in the face. He said he lost his cool but then quickly learned that he had to find a way to deal with it and stay in check.

He ended up working there for a while and realized that if he could survive there, he could survive anywhere. And this is what he said about it:

The entertainer who chooses the easy road, lined with cheering fans offering flowers and likes, won’t survive when the train gets challenging. The entertainer who chooses the hard road, lined with jeering haters throwing chicken wings, not only learns to survive any terrain, but to run even the easy road better than the competition.

What I took away from it: stay strong and keep going, no matter where you’re at. And take the hard road. You’ll learn valuable lessons that will help you get to the top.