Today I read from a beautiful friend of mines book (Yes, I know a lot of people who have written AMAZING books!) “I Dare Me”‘ by Lu Ann Cahn is a book everyone should read. Lu Ann took on a challenge by her daughter to do 1 new thing every single day for a year.

The things she did were incredible. Today I was reading a part in the book where she decided to sign up for a 10K mud run because she saw a flyer for it in the gym. She showed up in race day and realized that she was in waaaaaay over her head! Trying to find a restroom she met up a lady in her 20s named Jenna who had a team called Kathe’s Krusaders and was running for her Mom Kathe who died of MS. They adopted Lu Ann and she had an incredible experience. Not only by pushing herself to complete the run but also getting to know every lady on the team. And she wrote this about it…

The thing is, you can’t feel this way unless you take some chances, unless you surprise yourself, do something that is beyond your everyday experience. You have to seek it out, look for it, push yourself, be willing to fall on your face, or look silly.

I helped coach her a few years ago to give a TEDx Talk and we came up with a catch phrase for her. It was…”Do the new.” Everyone should have that as their motto in life. Do something new. Challenge yourselfyourself. He uncomfortable. If you don’t, are you really living?

Because of her influence in my life, I did something new today…I repelled down a 24-story building. I try to do the new as much as I can. Thanks Lu Ann. 

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