For the first day I thought it was apropos because reading this book for 10 minutes felt like meditation itself.

My AWESOME friend Ben Kenyon gave me this book and I love it. I love that Ben is someone who is always trying to improve himself and help those around him. He knew meditating would help my life.

In the book today the lesson that I got from it was, and I quote…

“The truth is everyone is great at meditation because it’s our natural state. Saying you’re not good at meditating is like saying you’re not good at breathing. Or a fish saying they’re not good at swimming. It’s impossible.”

I just recently started mediating and realized that just doing it was doing it right. Russell Simmons (who by the way was the last person I thought would ever write a book on meditating!) says you can do it in your car or even in your bathroom. It doesn’t have to be the way everyone else does it. Basically he’s like, just do it and you’re doing it right!