DadismsGrowing up my Dad used to speak to us through verbal phrasing that became known as “Dadisms”. He would constantly use the same phrases over and over. It was like he didn’t know any other language

At the time, we didn’t realize how impactful these phrases were. In fact, we didn’t really term them as Dadisms until my youngest brother was graduating from high school. We were all back home, at a pizza place the day of his graduation when my sister and I started talking about all the phrases my Dad uses. A common one heard when my Dad didn’t agree with you…”Go suck an egg”. Or one he liked to tell us when he wanted us to doubt something we were telling him, “If you believe that, I’ll sell you the deed to the Brooklyn Bridge”. I think one of my brothers actually did buy the Brooklyn Bridge once. I even think that Nike got its famous tagline, “Just do it” from my Dad. He had been saying it long before Nike started using it back in the late 80’s. When we would try to argue with him about doing our chores he would only respond with those 3 words that I hated so much…”Just do it”. Looking back these phrases really stuck and they really meant something to our family.

We had so much fun that night. We laughed and wrote down as many Dadisms as we could remember. We ended up with a list of over 150 things my Dad used to say.

That’s what the Love Letters are all about. They will host those marketing expressions, observations and ultimately the truths that we have come to love. Stay tuned, you’ll get to read lots of great stuff. Like why spinach has a bad brand, how to market like a bull in a china shop, the theory of You2 and more.

Thanks for hanging out here. Catch up with you again soon.

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