Presentation Coaching

This is ideal for someone who really wants to elevate their talks and presentations. This is the time and effort needed to find your authentic voice and style and take your talks to the next level.

So, here’s where we’ll start…

We’ll begin with an initial coaching assessment session. This is so I can determine where you are as a presenter/speaker/leader. I will come up with a workable plan and make sure you formulate an idea that will stand out from what has already been said and done. My job is to help you identify your one idea that has a universal appeal to it and is highlighted in a creative and unique way.

The golden rule of coaching: no one becomes great on their own.

I will help you…

  • Obtain the tools, support and structure needed to create KICK-ASS talks
  • Uncover your strengths as a speaker
  • Find your unique style and enhance it (to be authentically YOU!)
  • Achieve improvements in a relaxed, supportive environment
  • Identify and break through any barriers that are holding you back
  • Accomplish more than you could on your own

Some areas we’re going to work on…

  • Essential Elements: The 10 TED Talk Essential Elements: Universal Theme, Catch Phrases, Supporting Evidence, Memorable Models, The Cool Factor, Powerful Visuals, Emotional Connection, Low Point, Twist Moment and Authenticity & Openness.

  • Finding the Idea: The single most important component in any talk. We will work on making sure your structure has a strong and universal message that the audience can connect with.

  • Story Development: Developing concepts, ideas and materials to aid your talks.

  • Story Delivery: How to best deliver stories to add value and impact to your talks.

  • Vocal Variety: Making sure there is a variety of a vocal inflection to keep your talks fresh and enjoyable to listen to.

  • Body Language: Incorporating intentional body movements that help visualize the stories in the talk. Also, keeping out bad body language habits.

  • Conversational Style: Keep the talk on a conversation level. Making sure that it doesn’t become a “one-way speech” or that it becomes too “speechy preachy”.

  • Pitch and Rate: The pitch and rate in which the talk is being delivered and how to change it up to keep it appealing.

  • 3 Phase Practice Method: Using the proven preparation and practice method to move you from Phase 1 to Phase 3 of the memorization process.

    Phase 1 is when your talk is disjointed and lacks proper flow.

    Phase 2 is when the flow is present and it has been worked on over and over, to the point that it sounds over-polished and cold. Most people never make it past Phase 2.

    Phase 3 is when you’ve internalized it and can deliver the material in a fresh and conversational manner.

    I will personally assess and cover any other areas of need for you and your talk.

CEOs and Leaders Coached

My coaching process is a transformational cycle:




  1. Discover the strengths and weaknesses that are already present. Identify what areas that need work for you to deliver an outstanding talk.

  2. Strategize about what needs work and inject modifications to make it better.

  3. Apply the strategies to areas of need and work them into the talk.

  4. Evaluate the modifications, improvements and results achieved. Continue to re-work any areas that need attention.

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