Brand Spark™

Does Your Marketing Need a Spark?

Is your marketing missing that emotionally evocative message? Is your messaging unclear internally as well as externally? Is your marketing dull and needs a refresh?

The Brand Spark™ is a process to methodically find the right brand and brand position for your  company. All of your marketing depends on getting this first part right. And all of your marketing will be much easier once you’ve figured out what your brand stands for, both to your customers and to you and your employees. It is a spark to an explosion of success for your enterprise.

The method of generating a Brand Spark™ has three sequential components, each one following a tried and tested procedure.

  • Phase 1. Brand Position Development: Finding the reason you are on the planet, why you are unique, and how to best convey that.
  • Phase 2. Brand Message Development: Creating messaging for your company that makes the brand position come alive.
  • Phase 3. Verbal/Graphical Expression: Finding the right phrase (or tagline) that succinctly and evocatively nails the brand position, and developing the best visual style and look (logo, color scheme and fonts) that expresses your brand position.

Think of the Brand Spark™ like a face lift without all the pain of plastic surgery.

If you think a Brand Spark is what you need, contact us and we’ll let you know if you’re right.