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Your mindset is what drives you forward or holds you back. If you have the marketing mindset, you realize that everything you do is marketing. Cathey's insights through her videos, tips and quotes will show you how to develop your marketing mindset.

Great doesn't just happen on its own. You have to work hard to create an idea that is great.  more

We all like to think our ideas are good but how do we really know? Here's 4 questions to ask yourself about your ideas... more

I've learned over the years how to master the art of procrastinating. Sometimes my procrastination is bad for me...I wait until the last minute and things get done quickly. Other times it actually helps me get other things done. more

Marketing is love

All marketing is getting people to love you. more

The lesson from Jasen

After backpacking all over the world, my son Jasen had a much different perspective on life. We had many conversations about life, people and relationships. He threw down some mad knowledge on this one... more