Cathey Armillas

Expert marketing strategist, international speaker and author of the award-winning book, The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing

Isn't it funny how so many marketers suck at marketing?

People over-complicate marketing all the time. Cathey simplifies it.

Cathey has been creating amazingly successful marketing strategies for decades. Her marketing campaigns have yielded millions of dollars; and has landed her clients on TV shows like David Letterman, CNBC and The History Channel.

She passionately helps people outperform their own marketing. Audiences love her charismatic, over-the-top, in-your-face-with-a -smile style. It's not an act, it's who she is. If you were to sit down with Cathey Armillas, she would tell you, stop trying to sell stuff and start getting people to love you.

Cathey Armillas helps people stop selling and start loving. Because that's what marketing that doesn't suck is all about: getting people to love you.

 Cathey's top 3 re-tweeted tweets (say that 5 times fast):

  1. #UnbreakableRules: Anything that influences how someone will think of your business, your organization, or even yourself, is marketing.
  2. #UnbreakableRules: People don't buy facts, they buy emotions. #marketing
  3. #UnbreakableRules: It’s creativity behind the message, not the method, that gets through. Dull arrows bounce.